Lord Vader

this oil painting is 4 years old today!!
(this is the first time i post traditional artwork on ArtStation)
I painted this one back in 2013 right before I started learning photography.
I usually don't do character art but there was this empty door and I wanted to paint something epic on it,
and what could be more epic than a 190 cm high lifelike Sith Lord staring at us after defeating Luke?!
200x80 cm on a wooden door in my home office
(in the same space where my cover image takes place with my desk)
I loved working on this with traditional media and I wish I could paint more with oil and real brushes!

Eva kedves mg 9677

full size artwork framed by the doorway

Eva kedves mg 9687

close up to show the details I put on the mask and the chest

Eva kedves mg 9683

my favourite detail, the lightsaber, this was my favourite part during the process

Eva kedves mg 9708

original line art for scaling up and the original print of the my digital concept I used to create the colours and paint the artwork

Eva kedves mg 9694

with the surrounding to show the scale of the painting

Eva kedves mg 9705

again from a different angle: playing with my new 14mm wide angle sigma lens and these two guys