Tommy Vercetti

I wanted to try something new, so I decided to create a portrait.
GTA: Vice City
one of the coolest games from my childhood, this is why I choosed Tommy to be the subject of my first character concept.
photobash with lots of overpainting.

The outfit is the famous turquoise shirt he is wearing at the beginning of the game.
I know in the games Ray Liotta was the voice actor but I always imagined him as a handsome guy, not just a dangerous looking gangster.
4 actors faces were used as basic reference:
young Mel Gibson, Armie Hammer, Travis Fimmel and Henry Cavill

The background is the famous Ocean Drive in Miami, with retro grading.

This one was an extraordinary challenge,
the result is not perfect, a few mistakes can be found but it was a great experience!!

Eva kedves tommy vercetti as

final artwork

Eva kedves tommy vercetti bw


Eva kedves tommy vercetti wide nooverpaint

raw photobash, you can see how much overpainting adds to the final result

Eva kedves tommy vercetti gta vice city ray liotta 1

reference screenshot from the game

Main Theme Extended Mix - pure nostalgia!