Star Trekking - Discovery

Star Trekking
personal concept series
Keyframe 4
As they go deeper into the forest, they discover the infection, it's aggressive nature and they realize what happened on the deck of Endurance.
They start looking for possible survivors and for the ones who did the attack and infected the planet.

This image is based on the forests of Star Trek Beyond and a little bit on Star Wars' Endor Moon. I added a little twist to it with the red plants to make it look fresh.
I used screenshots and on set photos for the characters and recolored them.

Eva kedves star trekking vol2 as

final artwork

Eva kedves star trekking vol2 as bw

black and white

Eva kedves star trekking vol2 nocrystals

this one is a bonus: all the crystal layers are hidden so you can see how much the infection adds to the scene and the structure of the trees are visible as well.

Eva kedves star trekking vol2 wip

work in progress.
first I sketched up the position and the scale of the crystals and then filled the space from my masked asset library.

Eva kedves star trekking doodle 02

first sketch of the infection in this phase

Eva kedves star trekking crystal assets

crystal assets

Eva kedves fungi behaviour

behavior and layout reference