Call of Duty WWII Paris Panorama

this is the first time I can post an artwork I did at Digic, today is a very special day for me : )
Matte painting I did for COD WW2 Paris cut scene.
My biggest task in the summer, what hell of a ride it was!
It is a 13k wide panorama shown in several shots in the background, has 8 building layers based on distance, each one has it's own lighting and atmosphere additional layer. Each one went separately to the compositors, and they projected the painting with 3 cameras on a cylinder, this was a huge teamwork : )
It took me around a month to finish.
I think this was the biggest artistic challenge since I work in the company.
project lead: Gábor Nagy
no concept art used to finish this one.

Eva kedves cod ww2 paris cityscape logo

it's all matte painting behind the railing. sadly the two other sides of the panorama are in DOF or motionblur, and I am not allowed to post the raw painting, but watch the video and check out the story trailer as well : )

in this video you can see more shots using my matte painting
Call of Duty®: WWII - Meet the Allies: Rousseau