if you have ever applied for a matte painting position at Digic, and had the chance to do the test work, this image looks familiar to you.

Eva kedves dcastle sq

2017 - inhouse matte painting training work. I was practicing set extension, I had to add extra elements to the castle. For the mood I received an image from the third Harry Potter movie.

Eva kedves mattepaint test new v002 wip5

lighting and colour match done, this is where I decided to add pine trees in the foreground to make the scene a l little bit more random and crowded.

Eva kedves mattepaint test new v002 wip2

early stage of progress, main elements added: the castle is extended and the foreground elements are also in

Eva kedves mattepaint test kedves eva 2014

in the summer of 2014 I was applying to the company for the first time and got the test matte painting work. The instruction was to create a winter landscape. It was fun to work on this image again, almost three years later than the first attempt.

Eva kedves ac rev

and this is the original matte paint from the Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer.